What is going on with home prices on Cape Cod?

I read an article on zillow http://www.zillow.com/local-info/MA-Cape-Cod-Metro-home-value/r_394361/ that seems to point to slightly higher prices on the Cape.  I want to sell but I cant give the property away.  I bought in Marstons Mills in 2006 and paid way too much.  Anyone have any ideas on market trend for 2012??  The way things look now I’ll need to bring $45-50K to the table just to sell.  Ideas?  Lease option?  Im current and I dont want to destroy my credit but does it make sense to keep paying when you owe 335 and the property is worth 275?  Help…. Martin S


2 thoughts on “What is going on with home prices on Cape Cod?

  1. MArk says:

    My neighborhood is up a bit from 2010. Im in Dennis and houses seem to be selling but its still disapointing to heal my agent tell my I caould have sold for an extra 100,000 in 2006. I’d sell but I will not pay 6% on my home. That is insulting – 24,000 in comissions for what.. I’ll list with an agent but 3 % max comission. Gerry

  2. Look at the prices in Barnstable. The market appears to be deteriorating with large homes on 6A selling for around $450,000. My value is down about 50% in the last six or so years.


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