Home improvements You Can Take to the Bank

Home improvements You Can Take to the Bank

You  want make home improvements and sell your home but you want to get the big check at the closing; and all the cash you spent at Lowes or Home Depot when you sell.  Making savvy home
improvement projects will help the bottom line when you sell.  So you have decided to improve the home and need to focus on things that will dazzle prospective buyers without loosing money
on the sale. Home improvements that build the property value should be the primary focus. It’s still a buyer’s market, and with a weak economy and tons of inventory buyers are looking to own
homes that are in excellent condition with little to do after the closing.
Choose neutral options that appeal to a wide variety of buyers.  
Firs things first; if the curb appeal is lacking work on the outside first.  Curb appeal is the first step in a preparing a home for sale.  Installing a new front door will attract
potential buyers and turn drive-bys in showings.
The lawn is often overlooked.  If your front lawn is terrible aerate and over-seed.  If you don’t want to mess around with fertilizer call a law fertilizer company and schedule
seven or eight treatments.  Spending $400 on lawn treatment will yield a 100% return improvement.
The homes exterior should be inspected for rotten trim wood.  Don’t wait for the buyers home inspector to tell you about three bad boards that need to be replaced.  An eight foot
trim boars in twenty dollars at the home improvement center.
A deck or patio can jazz up the place and welcome guests.  Patio pavers are inexpensive .  Flexible design patters offer homeowners many  attractive options.
Earn energy tax credits  buy installing energy efficient windows.  If the home is 40 + years old consider replacing the windows.  A quality vinyl standard size window can be
purchased for around $250 in most markets.  Buyers love new windows and will take comfort knowing that the home has been updated.
The kitchen is the major selling point for many homes.   Is the layout awkward?  Opening up a wall can highlight an old kitchen. New appliances, cabinet hardware and Formica countertops
are not expensive.
Finish a room in the basement.  Although it may not count as a conforming bed room it’s an inexpensive way to add liveable space.   A teenager bedroom an office or man cave will
draw buyers to this often overlooked space.
Bathrooms need to be updated.  Replacing a vanity, old flooring or shower will grab attention.  If you decide to remove the old tile shower consider adding stem jets to the shower.
Unused attic space can add a playroom office to spare bedroom loft for guests.
Paint is another 100% return item if you can use a paint brush.  Paint a room or entryway.  When buyer’s smells paint the get it subliminally; the home is clean.   The way a
home smells can num be underestimated so make certain the house smells great.
Jason Harmon -http://www.capecodrealtor.co



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